Specialized Services

Excellence in dentistry begins with a thorough evaluation, diagnosis and your personal MASTER PLAN. Every patient will receive a comprehensive examination of gums, teeth, bite, joints, muscles and soft tissues. Dr. Neal uses state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including intramural videography, digital x-rays (with 3/10’s normal radiation), jaw simulators, and study casts of your own mouth.

This is a process of evaluating your RISK ASSESSMENT of gum disease, tooth decay, TMJ, jaw joint and tooth wear.

We believe the complete “guided tour” of your mouth and diagnosis is the cornerstone of disease prevention and your long term health. The uniqueness of our practice is that we approach the care of the mouth from a systems point of view, not simply a tooth by tooth basis.

Dr. Neal is a graduate of iCON Articulation, and The Dawson Center. He has gained profound knowledge concerning how the teeth, jaw joints and muscles work in harmony and how to rejuvenate a mouth to natural beauty, function, form and longevity.

To achieve optimum results for our patients’ dental health we offer the following services:

  • Complete bite reconstruction to correct worn out teeth, popping jaw joints, facial collapse and breakdown of the mouth
  • TMJ (jaw joint) diagnosis and therapy
  • Aesthetic restorations including metal free fillings, porcelain crowns and veneers, all fabricated with microscopic precision
  • Implant related services in conjunction with other specialists

Each person has specific needs, and thus, we provide a high level of personalized dentistry. Our patient services are specifically tailored to you with a long-term plan created to improve your quality of life. Our approach inspires us to continually educate our patients toward meeting goals for their chosen level of health, comfort and beauty.

Dentistry is both an art and a science. We take great pride in the our application of biological science to create a brilliant smile that is healthy as well as beautiful.